Tripod for Handphones


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Take multiple shots from a fixed camera perspective and piece them together to get the perfect product photo or create interactive 360° scrollers.

  • Eliminate Camera Shake
  • Fix Camera Angle
  • GripJoint tripod legs can twist, curl, and bend to find support on any structure
  • Clip-on Handphone Mount
  • Compatible with other cameras
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Eliminate Camera Shake

Eliminate even slight camera shake from your hands. This translates into greater clarity of your product photo under magnification – signs of a professional merchant

Tripod for handphones

Fix Your Camera Angle

Take multiple shots from the exact same perspective to create enticing animations, combine different areas into a single perfect photo, or even create interactive 360° photo scrollers.

Tripod for handphones
Tripod for handphones

Mount Anywhere; Snap Any Angle

The GripJoint Ball & Socket structure twists and contorts to use any platform and any structure as support. Snap your photo from literally any angle!


Clip-on Handphone Mount

The handphone mount can be detatched with the press of a button. Change camera settings or answer a call on your smartphone without altering the position and angle of your setup


Compatible With Other Cameras

The mounting platform is compatible with GoPros and other cameras.

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Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions17 × 3 × 3 cm


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