Additional LED Light Strip + USB Cable


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Just a little more light can overcome the limitations of weaker digital sensors, why spend a few thousand on a high-end camera? Run with the big boys with just your smartphone camera. Just Peel, Stick, and Snap!

  • Random Noise Reduction
  • Greater Photo Clarity & Detail
  • Shadow Reduction; Even Illumination
  • 5500K Pure White LEDs
  • Mount Anywhere; Light Everywhere
  • Power with a mobile charger, power bank, or even laptop
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high vs low ISO

Reduce Noise In Your Photos

High digital sensor sensitivities magnify the randomness in light into visible pinpricks of colour. Higher luminosity allows you to capture the same image with a lower ISO setting, producing cleaner, clearer product photos.

single vs double LED

Greater Clarity & Detail

More light rays reflecting off your product into your camera directly translates into greater clarity and detail – a game changer if you are selling intricately-designed products online.

single vs double LED
shadowing hard light vs soft light from our lightbox

Shadow Reduction; Even Illumination

35 powerful LEDs distributed along the length of the strip lights your product evenly from multiple angles, eliminating harsh shadows and loss of product detail.

Lightbox Singapore LED Lighting Strip

5500K Pure White LEDs

5500K is the accepted standard of pure white light. This means superb colour accuracy and no time spent correcting the colour profile.

Lightbox Singapore LED Lighting Strip
LED light strip mounting tape

Mount Anywhere; Light Everywhere

Double-sided mounting tape allows your LED Light Strip to be mounted anywhere in an instant. Illuminate hidden details of oddly-shaped objects, or use it to get creative with the mood!

Lightbox Singapore micro USB

Flexible Power Source

Our lightboxes are supplied by a mini-USB jack. Power them with anything: phone chargers, powerbanks, laptops – truly a portable studio.

Lightbox Singapore micro USB

Additional information

Dimensions35 × 1.5 cm
What's included

1 LED Light Strip
1 Micro-USB Cable


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